Work Team Celebration & Team Bonding

A totally unique team bonding/building experience!

In the pursuit of fostering enhanced team dynamics within a corporate or organizational setting, consider the compelling team-bonding opportunity offered by Navitat. This group-based recreational experience aims to cultivate and fortify impersonal bonds among team members in a distinctive and enjoyable manner, set against the scenic backdrop of nature. Embrace the unparalleled opportunity that Navitat offers to align and strengthen your team’s commitment towards common goals. 

Navitat provides co-workers and team members opportunities to:

  • Learn more about themselves, their peers, and the natural world around them
  • Explore challenge and adversity at their own pace in a supportive environment
  • Cheer on their peers
  • Recog nize and celebrate team successes
  • Blow off steam
  • Create lasting memories
  • Develop stronger relationships
  • Incorporate new team members 

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable opportunity! Contact us now at 1-855-628-4828 or fill out our group inquiry form to book your team event.

To ensure the best experience by every participant, please review our policies and requirements here.

Tour10-20 Participants21-40 Participants41+ Participants
Treetop Tour$99/person$93.50/person$88/person
Mountaintop Tour$108/person$102/person$96/person
Treetop Express Tour$53.10/person$50.15/person$47.20/person
Navitat @ Night$130.50/person$123.25/person$116/person


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Everything you need to know for a fun and safe day on the zips.

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