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frequently asked questions

Reservation & Booking Process

Q:Why do I need reservations?

A:Each tour departure time accommodates a limited number of people - depending on the tour up to 10 guests accompanied by 2 guides. Much like booking a seat on an airplane, we must know that you are planning to zip with us so that we can schedule guide staff to take you into the trees! Reservations are required to guarantee your tour; however, do know that day-of bookings are often available on tour times that have not yet completely sold out.

Q:How do I make a reservation?

A:Use our online booking system to book your tour or simply call our Reservations Office at 855-628-4828 (staffed from 8am to 5pm daily). We will be happy to assist you!

Q:How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

A:Weekend tours and tours during peak season (May 15 - August 15 and October – November 15) fill up fast! We suggest booking at least two weeks in advance of your desired date to ensure a variety of tour departure times are available to choose from. Large groups will want to book as early as possible. Keep in mind that Navitat’s cancellation policy — one of the kindest in our industry — allows you to change or cancel your reservation provided you call at least 72 hours before your scheduled tour time. While reservations are always required, last-minute bookings are often available on tour times that are not yet fully booked.

Q:What is your cancellation policy?

A:Navitat is proud to have one of the kindest cancellation policies in our industry! While many other tours offer no refund within 7 days - and sometimes as many as 14 days - before a scheduled tour date, we know that your plans may change. With this in mind, Navitat’s cancellation policy is:

• All reservations are charged in full at the time of booking.
• Reservations cancelled more than 72 hours in advance of the tour time will be issued a refund minus the 6% credit card processing fee. Rescheduling your zipline tour within 72 hours is only permitted if a $50 rescheduling fee is paid. Cancellations within 72 hours will not be eligible for a refund. You must speak with a Navitat Reservations Agent during regular business hours to cancel or reschedule your tour. You can reach us at 1-855-628-4828
• There is an optional cancellation insurance add-on, which you can select at the time of booking. Cancellation insurance is required for each individual ticket. If you purchase cancellation insurance, you are able to cancel your tickets and receive a refund minus the booking and insurance fee only if you cancel more than 24 hours before your scheduled tour time.

Why can’t I cancel or get a refund within 72 hours of my scheduled tour time?
72-hours prior to your scheduled tour time, we consider your reservation “final” so that we can make proper plans for your visit! At this time, we schedule all of the staff that will be required to accommodate you. From Adventure Guides and Sales Staff to Driver Guides and management team members, when you say, “Count me in!” we do all we can to ensure your Navitat visit is incredible. Because of the logistics involved, last minute cancellations or refunds are not possible.

Why do I have to pay to reschedule within 72 hours?
At this point we consider your reservation “final” and have already scheduled all of the staff that will be required to accommodate you. The payment to reschedule within 72 hours will help cover the cost of lost revenue as we may not be able to refill those seats.

Q:Are there any discounts available?

A:Yes! Please note: discounts do not “stack.” If more than one discount applies, simply choose the one that most benefits you.

Discounts are NOT available to apply to the already discounted "Ultimate Adventure Package."


Group Discount – 10% OFF
- Applied to groups of 9 or more on per tour. Does not apply to Ultimate Adventure Package.
- One payment in full required for the entire group at time of booking

Veterans & Active Military Family Discount – 10% OFF
- Applied to tours for veterans and military members currently serving our country, and their immediate families (spouse and children)
- Current veteran or military ID required at check-in

Local Resident Discounts – 15% OFF
SUNDAY through THURSDAY – Western NC Residents, East TN and Upstate SC Residents

- Discount is applied to residents’ tour price; residents may not book non-residents at discounted rate
- An ID proving residency is required at check-in
- WNC is the 23 westernmost counties in the state. More info here.
- East TN is the 33 easternmost counties in the state. More info here.
- Upstate SC is the 10 counties in the northwest portion of the state. More info here.

Participant Requirements

Q:What are Navitat’s Participant Requirements?

A:Navitat’s canopy tour is designed for participants in good health. Due to the nature of the tour and for safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone.

Treetop Tour Participants Must:
must be 5 years of age and weigh between 45 and 225 pounds. Participants between 35- 45 pounds will tandem zip with a Navitat Adventure Guide (please call in advance.)

Mountaintop Tour Participants Must:
weigh between 65 and 260 pounds

Treetop Express Tour Participants Must:
must be 5 years of age and weigh between 45 and 225 pounds. Participants between 35-45 pounds will tandem zip with a Navitat Adventure Guide (please call in advance.)

ALL Participants Must:
• be at least 5 years of age to participate
• sign a Participant Agreement - upon booking, you will receive a link to complete your form ONLINE
• for YOUTH guests:
--- if under 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Participant Agreement
--- if under 14, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Participant Agreement AND your parent or another adult designated by your parent to serve as a chaperone must remain on Navitat property
• agree to be discreetly weighed upon check-in
• be in good health and prepared to participate in an ACTIVE tour
• be able to comfortably walk one mile unassisted
• be able to comfortably hold both hands overhead
• have the strength to pull yourself along the cable and slow yourself using a glove to create friction on the cable
• dress for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes (like tennis shoes or hiking boots)
• All guests must wear all required Navitat provided safety equipment (i.e. harness, helmets, etc.). Guests must also be able to fit into Navitat provided PPE according to OEM (original equipment manufacturers) guidelines.

You Cannot Participate if You:
• are pregnant
• have recent, recurring or existing injuries
• have any severe musculoskeletal, cardiac, or seizure conditions
• have a known health condition that requires immediate medical attention in the event of an emergency
• are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications that may limit your abilities

Q:What are the minimum weight requirements?

A:On the Treetop Tour, participants between 35-45 pounds will tandem zip with a Navitat Adventure Guide, on the Mountaintop Tour, participants must weigh a minimum of 65 pounds and on the Treetop Express tour, participants between 35-45 pounds will tandem zip with a Navitat Adventure Guide.

Q:I don’t know how much everyone in my group weighs. What if someone does not meet the weight requirement?

A:Guests are discretely weighed at check-in to ensure weight requirements are met. If a guest does not meet the weight requirement, for safety reasons, he/she will not be permitted on the tour. Prior to booking your tour, please verify that everyone in your group meets the weight requirements.

Q:My child weighs less than the required weight, but really wants to participate. Can he zip with someone else? Can we attach weights to him to make him heavy enough?

A:Our weight requirement exists for both safety and guest enjoyment reasons. All participants should weigh at least required minimum when fully clothed and wearing tennis shoes. Weights may not be worn. Anyone found doing so will be removed from the tour and no refund will be provided.

Participants between 35-45 pounds for our Treetop and Treetop Express Tour will zipline with a Navitat Adventure Guide.

Preparing For Your Tour

Q:Where do I find directions to Navitat?

A:Directions to Navitat can be found here:

Q:What should I wear?

A:Dress as though you are headed into the woods on a hike, and remember – Navitat operates rain or shine! Please dress for the weather. Rain jackets/pants are great. We recommend bringing layers along so that you can adjust clothing accordingly once you have arrived at the Welcome Center. Closed-toe shoes (like tennis shoes or hiking boots) are required. Crocs and similar type footwear are not appropriate. Pants or longer shorts are recommended to be more comfortable with our harnesses.

Q:What can I bring with me?

A:Please leave valuables at home or lock them securely in your vehicle. Items in pockets (wallets, cell phones, keys) have a tendency to be pushed out by the harness straps and cannot be retrieved if dropped while on the tour. Our Sales staff will hold your car keys securely behind our front desk while you are on tour. Cameras are permitted provided they have a strap and can be secured to your gear. A water break is included on the tour. Water bottles, backpacks, and/or belt-style packs are not permitted. Please bring along any fast-acting medications (like an asthma inhaler or epi-pen) you may need while on the tour. Guides will ensure these items are secure.

Q:Can I bring my dog to Navitat?

A:We strongly recommend that you NOT bring dogs to Navitat. In the event a guest or participant decides to bring a dog onto the Navitat property, a Participant Addendum must be delivered to Navitat Staff as a condition of the dog’s presence on site, which is the understanding by the dog owner that he/she is fully responsible, and indemnifies and holds Navitat harmless, for all conduct/misconduct of the dog while at Navitat, and all resulting harms or damages caused thereby. Please see the form (link above) for detailed terms and understandings.

We reserve the right to not allow any dog on site that we deem is a risk to itself or someone else, for any reason. Certain specific breeds of dogs will not be permitted at Navitat at any time, including American Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier (pit bull), Rottweiller or other dogs generally considered to be vicious, mean or of a violent temperament, or otherwise evidencing such temperament, as determined by Navitat Management in its discretion, with all decisions being final.

All dogs must be on a static leash of a maximum of 6 feet long at all times. No retractable leashes are allowed on the Navitat property. Retractable leashes (that spool in and out) do not give sufficient control over a dog and result in numerous dangers and will not be allowed under any circumstances.

We do not allow dogs to be left in unattended vehicles in the Navitat parking area, or any other area of the Navitat property. Further, we do not allow dogs to be “tied up” onsite and left unattended.

Small dogs can be allowed on RTV tours if deemed appropriate by Navitat staff. However, if permitted, dogs must remain on a leash at all times, and will be required to sit in a middle seat, and dog owners shall not bring and distribute treats, snacks or foods of any type to a dog while on an RTV tour.

Dogs cannot participate on any zipline tour under any circumstances, and regardless of any harness system that might be provided by the owner for use by the dog.

Q:Can I bring a camera/GoPro?

A:Yes. Cameras and GoPros are permitted provided they have a strap and can be secured to your gear. We suggest point-and-shoot style cameras rather than ones with large lenses. GoPro video cameras can be accommodated if you bring along the helmet strap accessory (helmet sticky-mounts do not work). We also rent GoPros for those interested in capturing high-quality video. Rather not worry about a camera? Good news! Your guides will capture photos of you and your group throughout your adventure -- these photos are available for purchase in the Welcome Center following your tour.

Q:Do you provide all of the necessary equipment?

A:We do. Simply come dressed and prepared for an active outdoor experience and we will provide everything you need—harness, gloves, and helmet!

Q:What if I arrive late for my scheduled tour time?

A:All guests are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow adequate time for check-in. Tours depart on time. No refunds will be issued for late arrivals. If you fail to meet your appointment, please understand that we still incur all of the same expenses, and we may have turned others away.

Q:What is the parking situation like?

A:Navitat’s Welcome Center and tour are located in a 242-acre mountain cove. Access to the property is by a groomed gravel drive easily accessed by all vehicle types (4-wheel-drive is NOT required). We have a large parking area on-site just in front of the Welcome Center. Please park here and come inside to check in. Large vehicles (such as buses and RVs) ARE advised to call ahead (855-628-4828) so that we can best advise you on where to park while you are on the tour.

Q:It’s raining, and I don’t want to go zipping. Can I cancel?

A:Navitat operates rain or shine, and guests regularly report that zipping in the rain is a BLAST! As outlined in our cancellation policy, refunds are not issued for cancellations within 72 hours of the scheduled tour time. Navitat continues to operate tours as long as weather is not considered threatening.

In the event of severe weather, such as lightning or sustained high winds, Navitat may choose to cancel your tour. Advance notice may not be possible. Tours that Navitat cancels because of severe weather are offered a rain check or a full refund. Should severe weather occur while you are on the tour, Navitat may discontinue your tour. Discontinued tours are offered a full or partial refund that is based on your location on the course at time of discontinuation.

Q:Can I bring my own helmet?

A:Unfortunately no, all guests must wear Navitat provided safety equipment, no exceptions.

Q:Can I bring my firearm on tour?

A:Navitat is a firearm-free site. Firearms are not allowed in our buildings or on course. While adventuring at Navitat, we suggest leaving your firearm at home or you can leave firearms in a locked vehicle in our parking lot.

The Tour Experience

Q:I don’t want to participate, but I’d like to watch my friends and/or family zipline. Is this possible?

A:While access to the courses is limited to employees and guests actively participating in the tour, our Guided RTV Excursions do offer the opportunity to see glimpses of friends and family who are zipping -- if you don't want to participate in ziplining, consider booking a Guided RTV Excursion to get the most out of your time spent in Moody Cove.

Q:What is required of me while on the tour? How physically demanding is it?

A:Participants should be in good health and prepared for an active tour. Guests from age 7 to 80+ have successfully completed Navitat tours! During your experience, you will be standing and moving around with few opportunities to sit down. The scenic trails on the tours involve walking on uneven terrain. Full range of motion in your arms, shoulders, neck, and back is required. In order to participate each guest must be able to complete activities "unassisted" (without the help of human or animal assistance). You will be expected to follow guides’ instructions; anyone not doing so may, for safety reasons, be asked to discontinue the tour.

Q:How many people will be in my tour group?

A:On the Treetop Tour, we can take eight participants per tour. If your party is fewer than eight people, you will very likely be grouped with others who have booked the remaining “seats” on your selected tour time. Groups larger than 8 should plan to book multiple tour times back-to-back. In addition to eight participants, groups will include two of our highly trained, enthusiastic, highly-knowledgeable canopy tour guides, giving a total of ten people per tour.

On the Mountaintop Tour, we have the capability of taking ten guests per tour. Since the tour consists of three side-by-side ziplines, it is a little easier for us to send more guests per tour.

Q:How do we get from the Welcome Center to the start of the tour?

A:After checking in at our Welcome Center, you and your group will be led up a series of stairs to our "Operations Building," where you will be given an orientation speech that will brief you on the adventure you're about to embark on. After being dressed with a harness, participants will board an all-terrain passenger van that has been retro-fitted with an off-road package. You will ride in this van approximately 5 to 8 minutes up the mountainside to the tour entry trail. Your adventure awaits you!

Q:Are there bathrooms available while on the tour?

A:No restrooms are available while on the tour. All guests are encouraged to plan accordingly and use the facilities just prior to their scheduled tour time.

Q:What if I get scared or “chicken out”?

A:In the event you no longer want to participate, staff will pick you up from the tour and transport you back to the Welcome Center. In points further along on the Treetop Tour, do know that while an exit can be arranged, oftentimes the only way down from the course is to be lowered by rope from the platform to the ground. Since the Mountaintop Tour platforms each include stairways for access, exiting this tour is more easily accommodated.

Q:What happens if threatening weather occurs while I am up in the trees?

A:In the event of severe weather, such as lightning or sustained high winds, Navitat may choose to cancel your tour. Advance notice may not be possible. Tours that Navitat cancels because of severe weather are offered a rain check or a full refund. Should severe weather occur while you are on the tour, Navitat may discontinue your tour. Discontinued tours are offered a full or partial refund that is based on your location on the course at time of discontinuation.

Q:Is there food or water available while on the tour?

A:No food is available while on the tour. A water break is included at the mid-way point of each full tour. We sell snacks and drinks in our shop but do not have full meals available for purchase. We have several picnic tables around our Welcome Center that are perfect for enjoying a packed lunch.

Q:Does Navitat take photos of us while we are on the tour?

A:Yes! One of your canopy tour guides will be taking pictures of you periodically throughout your trip.  These photos are available to purchase in the Welcome Center immediately following your tour. While on tour, if you find something of interest that you want photographed, let your guide know! They will be willing to capture anything that helps you re-live the memories that you make while at Navitat.

Q:Is the tour safe?

A:At Navitat, safety is our first priority. You can zip with confidence knowing that you are in the hands of respected industry leaders! Navitat Canopy Guides undergo a rigorous 50 to 70 hour technical training and must pass written and practical skills tests prior to guiding tours. Ongoing training is also required. We inspect our safety gear and courses on a daily basis, before guest arrival. An advanced inspection is done periodically by qualified staff. An annual inspection is done by a professional 3rd party company that specializes in the zipline field. We focus on using appropriate life safety systems, which will be evident throughout your experience. You are always connected to safety lines while up in the trees, and your guides will handle all of your safety gear. We like to describe the tours we have created as “low risk,” but YOU play a very important role in ensuring your personal safety! Listening to your guides, following directions, and knowing your personal limits will all help to ensure you have a great Navitat experience.

Q:What kind of braking system is used?

A:Both the Treetop Tour AND the Mountaintop Tour utilize technology that allows for hands-free braking for the participant.

Q:Are the scenic trails on each tour difficult?

A:Our trails are designed for all levels of experience! At their most strenuous they can be described as ‘moderate’, and our guides are happy to match your pace. They are broken up by the zip lines so you have plenty of time to rest in between!

Q:How close is Navitat in proximity to Asheville?

A:We are located in Barnardsville, NC, about 25 minutes from the Downtown Asheville Visitor Center. We are off of Exit 15 on Future I-26 on the way to Johnson City, Tennessee.


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