Opening Day: March 2, 2024

Navitat, the premier provider of zipline experiences, is NOW OPEN!

– featured on CNN, in the New York Times, Outdoor Magazine, Forbes Travel Guide, and called “One of the best in the nation!” in USA TODAY!

With two incredible zipline tours to choose from, a day at Navitat is guaranteed to be full of high-flying fun! Navitat’s original tour, The Treetop Tour has six ziplines, one sky bridge, and a rappel.

The Mountaintop Tour is a massive high flying zipline tour featuring three (huge!) side-by-side “racing style” ziplines, the longest of which stretches more than 3600-feet and is 350-feet above the forest floor.

Be adventurous – and snag big savings – when you book The Ultimate Adventure Package. Come experience BOTH tours in one action-packed, tree-lovin’ day!

Located only 30 minutes north of Asheville, Navitat’s home, Moody Cove, is a 242-acre wilderness setting containing some of the largest trees in the area, abundant wildlife, rare plant species, and offering spectacular long-range mountain views. Take in the splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina!

Experiencing the world from the treetops just isn’t really your “thing?”

No worries – heights aren’t for everyone! Or maybe you’re traveling as a family, and some of your youngest or older members aren’t able to zip? Good news! Navitat still has an adventure for YOU! Buckle up! Experience the highest point of Moody Cove for breath-taking views on our Guided RTV Excursions. Our Guided RTV Excursions ensure Navitat is a family adventure destination in which everyone can participate — creating memories that last a lifetime, whether by land or by zip.

Built with environmental respect for minimal impact, don’t miss your chance to experience Navitat – adventures that thrill, educate, and inspire! Now taking reservations online or by calling 1-855-628-4828.